Mission Statement

It is the mission of Hereford Sports & Wellness to provide wholesome sports programs, fitness opportunities, and other community-building activities for the citizens of Hereford and the surrounding region.

We are committed to offering our services to our youth, adults, and senior citizens, as well as families from all cultures and all walks of life. We want to cater to working families, single parents, large companies, small businesses, and other local and regional organizations. It is our goal to involve members of our community in sports and wellness programs that promote community-engagement and quality of life improvement for the citizens of Hereford and our surrounding region.

It's Game Time

Sign up for a membership at our recreation center in Hereford, TX

Being an athlete isn't a temporary title. It's a way of life. That's why Hereford Sports & Wellness hosts a wide variety of family-friendly sports leagues for Hereford, TX locals of all ages. Maybe you want your child to learn teamwork and good sportsmanship from an early age. Maybe you want to continue playing your favorite sport after college. Whatever sport you're devoted to, we have a league you can join.

We're proud to put our community first in all we do. Our facilities are always clean and stocked with the necessary equipment for all of our sports. Want to check out our facility for yourself? Stop by today.

You can also call 806-364-6990 to get answers to any of your questions about our leagues.

Participate in our group fitness classes at the Knabe Activities Center

Which sport will you choose?

People join sports leagues for a wide variety of reasons. If you're passionate about your sport, looking for a way to stay in shape or wanting to meet new people, we have a league for you.

Local athletes come to our recreation center to:

  • Hit home runs in our youth T-ball leagues
  • Throw touchdowns in our flag football league
  • Spike balls in our youth and adult volleyball leagues
  • Shoot 3-pointers in our adult and youth basketball leagues
  • Score upper 90s in our outdoor soccer and indoor soccer leagues